Club Membership

The mission of  The Deal Room is to provide our members a haven that fosters social, cultural, intellectual, and business activities.

Membership offers a warm and inviting atmosphere to host private meetings, network, and socialize.
The Deal Room combines a beautiful prestigious setting with delicious food and the space to conduct business or to catch up with friends.
Our social calendar is full with events and activities like Kentucky Derby, cocktail parties, gaming, black tie galas, wine tasting, and holiday parties. Your calendar is sure to be full!

It is a place to meet like-minded people from the community, form enduring friendships, and make memories that last a lifetime. The Deal Room is a private member only club and new members must be referred by an alumni. New membership applications will be reviewed within 48 hours. We offer various types of membership:


Junior Membership ($2500 yearly or $250 monthly)
Available to applicants 21 to 30.


Member benefits
Full access to club
As a club member you enjoy the benefits of professional and social networking with top executives and entrepreneurs in and around the Dallas area.


  • Social and business matching Complimentary internet and printing service 10 max.

  • Access to events and entertainment

  • Fine Dining and club exclusive menu items not available with in the Old Warsaw

  • Priority reservation for dining in the Old Warsaw

  • Bring two guests

  • Receive Five invitations to invite business or social associates to join.

  • Priority ride service to and from the Deal Room to American Airlines center

  • Complimentary coffee and snack bar.

  • Opportunities to expand your business

Gold Membership ($3100 first year or $300 monthly)

Includes all Junior Membership items unless otherwise specified

  • Reserve conference room and blue room when available.

  • Schedule events and invite your guests.

  • Place a credit card on file to pay for food, drinks and services automatically.

  • Review your tab via online account.

  • Concierge service to assist you with ride services, something special for your arrival or during your stay

  • 30% discount to add a partner or spouse membership.

  • 15% Discount on membership renewals

  • Bring up to 3 guests with no additional charge

  • 2 tickets to the Christmas party


  • 50% discount on Kentucky Derby


  • 50% discount on New Years Party


VIP Membership ($6,000 first year or $550 monthly)

Includes all of the gold benefits unless otherwise specified

  • White glove Concierge service for all your needs

  • Line of credit with monthly billing and a 5% discount on all food and drinks

  • Complimentary private use of the Kennedy room up to 2 times per year.

  • Hold a private poke night with you and your guests.

  • Bring up to 4 guests

  • Reserve and use the Blue Room with no minimums

  • After hours access for you and your guests until 2am

  • 50% discount to add a partner or spouse membership.

  • 20% discount on membership renewal


  • 4 tickets to the Christmas party

  • 2 tickets on Kentucky Derby Day

  • 2 tickets on New Year party with  Cristal bottle service


 Group Business Memberships Available

Monday & Thursday, 3pm to 7
Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday, 3-7pm
$5 House Wine
$3 Domestic Beer
$5 Import Beer
$7 Well Drinks

We accept Bitcoin

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